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General Meeting September 19 2015

Nels opened the meeting with introductions.

Steve gave a treasurer report:

A total of $*,***.48.
$*,***.55 for Darrington Strong General Fund
$***.65 Friends For Public Use
$*,***.28 for Friends of North Mountain.

We now have twenty membership dues paid!

Roselie reported a meeting for Friends of North Mountain will be held at Ricks’ house to discuss plans and fund raising. The Boy Scouts will be helping at the lookout with small projects such as cleaning up construction debris.

Martha reported Friends for Public Use worked during a storm on the Clear Creek ford project. The worked included diverting a creek and in the end they needed to reschedule the project and try again.

Walt reported DARA continued the advocacy of paving the last 14 miles of the Mountain Loop Highway, reconstruction and reopening of the Circle Peak Road and a stewardship project on the Mountain Loop Hwy. DARA continues to work with the Darrington Collaborative. DARA is waiting for the Forest Service to respond to what has been submitted.

Judy reported the ABC project continues with natural resources, tourism, downtown revitalization, youth initiative, and broadband being the topics of discussion. Oct. 5 is the deadline for submitting ideas. Darrington and Arlington continue to work together.

Marree reported that the old Skidders building will be torn down and eventually replaced with a new building for North Counties and youth center.

Lavinia reported new street lights have been proposed and Darrington Street will undergo repairs. Talk continues to refurbish buildings along Darrington Street, place historical signs and green space. She spoke of the importance of adding new ideas to the economic development plan the city of Darrington is working on. Updates are needed for the Comprehensive Plan which lasts for 20 years.

Plans continue on inviting new businesses to town. Martha said the Serve U will house a hot rod car shop. Linda said Senior Center will open a thrift store in the future.

Mark Everett spoke about a future bicycle ride between Arlington and Darrington is planned. Martha suggested using the livery stable at the end of the Whitehorse Trail for this event. She also reported the Rodeo Grounds will build a trail to connect to the Whitehorse Trail. Mark Everett stated DNR has been open to the development of trail systems throughout the area and Darrington would be wise to pursue funding available.

Martha requested assistance in planting bulbs in areas around town. Marree youth groups and Jeb Bolten will try to get the Denny Youth Center.

Nels reported the Destination Darrington Washington website is still on the web. Information can be linked to the town owned site and the Darrington Strong site of the same name. Martha will establish two new sites for waterfalls and one for wildflowers.

Rick spoke on his plans for organizing a marathon run for next year starting in Haller Park in Arlington and finishing in Darrington. He proposes a Whitehorse Trail Foundation be started.
He would like to incorporate the arrival of the train as part of Darrington Day. He would like to find a bump car to show.

Larry Boyd reported the school district will install a biomass boiler to heat and cool the schools including the Community Center.

Nels adjourned the meeting.

In Attendance:

Sylvia Stauffer
Roselie Rasmussen
Tim Johnson
Ron Wolff
Walt Dortch
Kevin Ashe
Martha Rasmussen
Rick Knight
Linda Smith
Lavinia Bryson
Steve Somsen
Gordy Biel
Nels Rasmussen
Marla Skaglund

Jerry Sellers
Marree Perault
Jeb Bolton
Judy Pendergrass
Larry Boyd
Mark Everett