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Board Meeting November 1, 2015

Nels opened the meeting which was held via phone conference.

It was voted and approved to respond to the Town of Darrington, in writing, to the proposal made by the town to assume the websites owned by Darrington Strong.

It was voted and approved that Darrington Strong would not entertain further discussion from the town about the websites. Any further council adopted communication from the town of Darrington would be directly received by the Darrington Strong board President.

It was voted and approved to rename and launch a new website replacing the Destination Darrington Washington website. This website will be named Discover Darrington and focus in part for visiting Darrington but will also work to meet community needs as well. The new tagline will be “It will take a lifetime”. The wildflowers and waterfalls will go under their own websites. All Discover Darrington domains will be purchased.

Roselie proposed Darrington Strong adopt the Basecamp platform online at a cost of $20 per month to be used by different divisions and committees. Motion passed.

Martha reported she has been working on a website for waterfalls which will launch soon.

In Attendance:
Nels Rasmussen
Martha Rasmussen
Walt Dortch
Tony Gobroski
Steve Somsen
Roselie Rasmussen
Marla Skaglund