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General Meeting August 19, 2015

Nels opened the meeting with introductions.

Kevin showed the group a drawing of a gateway concept for the Mountain Loop Highway that Kevin Lenon brought to the DARA meeting. This was a drawing of an idea that Marv Kastning drew a couple of years ago.
He continued with reporting on the fact that DARA has members in the Darrington Collaborative. DARA is also involved with hunting and fishing issues, paving the 14 mile stretch of the Mountain Loop Highway and Circle Creek road and other recreational areas.

Roselie reported that North Mountain has had several work parties and completed more repairs on the lookout. A meeting will be held in September to discuss managing the lookout.

Martha reported Friends for Public Use has a new volunteer with engineering skills. Two more work parties are scheduled, one to work on the concrete ford on FSR #2060, Clear Creek Road, and the other to address some drainage issues on FSR #23, White Chuck Road.

Steve gave a treasury report of $*****.10, divided among several divisions of Darrington Strong. He reported sending out letters to prospective and current members.

Mark Petty spoke on the need for more security in Darrington and starting a security company. Several people are interested in the issue.

Kevin reported the town council has signed a contract with 4 county sheriffs.

Martha reported on Dot Park continued watering and the work parties that have been there. A plan will be developed to adopt the park as a community park for landscaping and continual maintenance. She would like to rename the Park, Dots’ Community Park. Several fund raising projects are planned. Rick volunteered to start seeds for the park.
Buck reported the WSU students will be town, March 16 – 19 for local work projects. Local students will also be involved and could develop an interest in maintaining the park. He also suggested using Dot Larsens’ complete name and bio at the park.

Martha spoke on the Destination Darrington website and the fact the Mayor of Darrington and a small group have developed another more professional website using a Snohomish County LTACH Grant and they are using our same name. Discussion was to continue our website or take it down. This decision will be brought to the board.

Brian spoke of a proposed mountain bike destination with developed trails to be built on North Mountain. Evergreen Mountain Bike Alliance has been involved in the project. Funds have been made available to develop this project should be ready by next year.

Nels adjourned the meeting.

In Attendance

Steve Somsen
Rick Knight
Tony Gobroski
Linda Smith
Sylvia Stauffer
Gordy Beil
Mark Petty
Ron Wolff
JoAnn Milton
Roselie Rasmussen
Nels Rasmussen
Martha Rasmussen
Marla Skaglund

Buck Marsh
Charles Kirkpatrick
Brian Pernick