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General Meeting February, 20th 2019

President Martha Rasmussen opened the meeting with introductions.

Treasurer Steve Somsen gave the Treasurer’s Report:

  • Grand total of three accounts at Coastal Community Bank:   $19,182.08 
  • Membership:  31 members.

Guests Speaker:  Rosetta Willis of the Darrington Food Bank gave us a brief history and an update on current challenges facing the food bank. 


Friends for Public Use (FFPU):   Martha reported that since 2012, FFPU has restored 28 failed culverts.  She also announced the upcoming Saturday pizza bake for FFPU volunteers.  Two big projects for this summer will be brushing out the White Chuck road and Circle Creek Road.  

 DARA:  Martha reminded us of the upcoming meeting to discuss the feasibility study of paving the mountain loop highway on March 7 at the Darrington community center.


Darrington Events:  Joanne Milton updated us on the 2019 street fair.  The art show will be held again this year.  A 2020 calendar  is in the works as all the 2019 calendars have been sold.  There will also be another quilt show at the senior center.  Chalamar Nichols updated us on the Rally to Remember Oso, which will be part of the street fair.  Sound Harley Davidson has agreed to sponsor the event.  She also announced upcoming events held by the Cascade Home Business Alliance. 

Friends of Fortson:  Dawn Erickson and Martha discussed future plans for the county park which will include interpretive nature trails to be phased in over several years as well as signage, picnic tables and benches.  


Darrington Collaborative:  Mayor Rankin updated us on the replacement for Peter Forbes, who has recently retired.  He also discussed the environmental assessments for the collaborative and work on Segelson 2.0, which has been delayed due to new snowfall.  They are going to promote a local design contest for a Darrington Collaborative logo.  Marla also mentioned that the collaborative was awarded some recent grants and there will be a full story coming up in the next issue of the Concrete Herald.   

Darrington Library:  Asheley Bryson reported on upcoming events at the library and recent staff changes.  She also mentioned that she has been asked by the fire department to assemble a task force for the design and construction of the new Whitehorse Community Center.  


Mayor Rankin discussed the upcoming Viking Festival this summer.  Organizers will come to Darrington on March 10 to meet with town representatives and discuss their plans and requirements.  The mayor will contact Martha with more information as it is made available.  They outgrew Twin Rivers county park and are looking to Darrington to accommodate the alcohol-free event.  He also informed us of the Q13 television station’s request to highlight the Darrington/Arlington/Oso areas during the month of March. 

Dawn Erickson announced the upcoming fundraiser to benefit the Darrington Outdoor Club which will be a live podcast at the North Counties building.  Date to be announced.


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Chalamar Nichols

Dan Rankin

Dave Bell

Dawn Erickson

Joanne Milton

Ken Milton

Marla Skaglund

Martha Rasmussen 

Nels Rasmussen

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Rosetta Willis

Steve Somsen