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Board Meeting February 25, 2019

President Martha Rasmussen opened the meeting and Steve Somsen presented the results of this year’s audit.

New Business    

1)  Upgrading the Darrington Strong and Discover Darrington websites:  A motion was made by Steve Somsen that “Darrington Strong adopt the WordPress format and hosting at $180.00 annually as outlined in Martha’s proposal”.  The motion was seconded by Roselie Rasmussen.  Discussion ensued and the vote was unanimous. Roselie will assist Martha on the website committee.  

2)  Supporting the restoration of the USFS Suiattle guard station by writing a letter of support and partner when needed:  Drew Bono made a motion to “Go ahead and be ready at that, and we delegate the responsibility of writing the letter to, I would imagine you, Martha?”  Joanne Milton seconded the motion and it passed unanimously.  A representative will speak about the restoration project at our next general meeting.

3) Support the reorganization of the Darrington Food Bank by writing letters of support and partner when needed:  Steve Somsen made a motion “that Darrington Strong support the reorganization of the Darrington Food Bank” and Rick Knight seconded the motion, discussion ensued and the motion passed unanimously. 

4)  Co-host a food drive during the Viking Festival in September:  Discussion ensued and the concept was postponed until further discussion with the organizers of the Viking Festival. 

5)  Designate the Darrington Strong January general meeting as an annual community “meet & greet”:  This topic morphed into a discussion about item #4 (above) and the item and any discussion was dropped.  At the end of the meeting, Martha brought up the topic once again and discussion ensued.  It was determined that this topic did not need to be voted on but all agreed it is a great idea and we should work toward the goal of making the meet & greet meeting an annual event. 

6)   Does Darrington Strong want to add the new Cascade Home Business Alliance (CHBA) as a new committee, making Chalamar Nichols the committee chairperson?:  There was MUCH discussion about this topic.   Drew made a motion “that with the CHBA or any other folks that want to be a committee of this organization that the board would encourage these folks to come up with a plan and present it at a board meeting and at that point, we may or may not vote on it then but at least we can understand where they’re coming from and at a subsequent time, whether then or later, vote on whether or not it’s something we should engage OR do we need more information.  So my basic motion is let’s encourage these folks to present us a plan to why we benefit them and why they will benefit us and the community”.  More discussion ensued and Rosalie seconded the motion.  Drew then re-stated the motion “to present their plan to the board so the board can make an informed decision”.  Discussion ensued about holding a special board meeting to accommodate the CHBA.  Rosalie then re-stated the motion “so the motion on the floor is that for this and all future committees and possibly divisions that we give them a set of guidelines and then have them come in and present their plan to the board of directors so that we can ask them questions and grill them and they can grill us”.  The motion as re-stated by Rosalie was passed unanimously. Rosalie then made a motion “to add CHBA to Darrington Strong as a new committee”.   The motion died and was taken off the table for the lack of a second.  It was also decided that Martha would contact Chalamar to request more information (to include a business plan) and invite her to present it at the next (or special) board meeting.  Martha said she will also contact the Oso Slide Memorial group to see if they can partner with Chalamar on the Rally to Remember Oso.

Board Members Present:

Dave Bell

Drew Bono

Joanne Milton                    

Ken Milton 

Marla Skaglund

Martha Rasmussen                

Rick Knight                    

Roselie Rasmussen 

Steve Somsen