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Board Minutes August 13, 2018

President Martha Rasmussen opened the meeting.

Old Business:

WEBSITE UPGRADE:  Discussion about upgrading the Darrington Strong website.

New Business:   

DARRINGTON INTERNET USERS ASSOCIATION (DIUA) requested a letter of support.  Tony made the motion to draft the letter and it was seconded by Steve.   The motion passed unanimously.

RACK CARDS & BUSINESS CARDS:  Martha presented proofs of the rack card and there was discussion about branding, the logo, and the importance of design continuity in all marketing materials, including business cards. Martha’s proofs were not accepted by the Darrington Strong Board of Directors. Roselie will work on the rack card designs with collaboration from other board members. There was also discussion about reconsidering our core values and mission statement.

Addendum: Darrington Board members, unanimously voted to budget the Darrington Strong rack card project $150.00, September 6, 2018

BOARD MEETINGS:  Discussion about the frequency of board meetings, project meetings and “workshops”.   Rosalie made a motion to continue with quarterly board meetings and add a project meeting after each quarterly board meeting.  Steve seconded the motion and it passed unanimously.  The lack of the use of Basecamp was discussed so our main form of collaboration will be via email.  

FORTSON MILL:  Martha led a discussion about the county closing the gate to restrict access.  A group of Fortson neighbors wishes to form a committee under the umbrella of Darrington Strong called “Friends of Fortson”.  Tony made a motion to accept the “Friends of Fortson” as a Darrington Strong committee, was seconded by Rosalie with the condition that we get a stated objective from the new committee before voting and the motion was “tabled”.

  • Addendum: Motion made by Steve Somsen to accept the Friends of Fortson Mission Statement, ” Friends of Fortson will open and close gate of needed by Snohomish County, keeping the Old Fortson Mill a public destination. We will work to develop this park and promote it as a destination” motion passed unanimously on November 13, 2018, making Friends of Fortson an official committee of Darrington Strong.

WHITEHORSE TRAIL & WHITEHORSE PARK:  Martha gave a history of Snohomish County’s acquisition of the trail and park and informed us that the county may back out of both projects.  Tony made a motion that Darrington Strong direct Nate Nehring to call the principals together regarding the status of the Whitehorse Trail and park and the motion was seconded by Steve and passed unanimously

Board Members Present:

Joanne Milton

Martha RasmussenRick Knight

Tony Gobroski

Stephen Somsen

Roselie Rasmussen