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Board Meeting, October 19, 2020

The meeting was held at Whitehorse Photography’s store and president Martha Rasmussen opened the meeting.

Treasurer’s Report and Approval of Budget:
Steve Somsen submitted the Treasurer’s Report for review. Dave Bell moved “to approve the budget”, Roselie Rasmussen seconded and the motion carried.

Approval of Last Meeting’s Minutes:
Roselie Rasmussen moved to “approve the minutes of the August Darrington Strong Board meeting”, Rick Knight seconded and the motion carried.

Website Update:
Martha Rasmussen updated us on the status of the Darrington Strong website.

Unfinished Business:
OCTOBER ELECTIONS: Roselie Rasmussen moved to “schedule the board elections to November 3”, Steve Somsen seconded and the motion carried. Steve & Roselie will collaborate in an effort to fill the remaining open board-member position.

PHONE FOR DARRINGTON STRONG: Martha Rasmussen tabled the discussion until further notice.

FFPU: Martha Rasmussen informed us of the purchase of an equipment-hauling trailer & the discussion was tabled until the insurance is worked out.

New Business:

VISUAL IMPACT: Steve Somsen moved to “approve the Visual Impact Committee agreement”, Dave Bell seconded and the motion carried.

FRIENDS OF NORTH MOUNTAIN: Carson Tavenner gave a lively & detailed account of the status of the lookout restoration and subsequent plans detailing the rental process commencing next year, if all goes well.

DARRINGTON STREET BUSINESS ALLIANCE: JoAnn Milton outlined plans to install 14 streetlights along Darrington Street as well as future planting containers. She is in the process of getting bids from electrical contractors. There is no need for approval of the project from town council as they’ve already approved it.

FFPU: Martha updated us on the RAC grant for upgrades to FSR #2810.

ONLINE SALES: Marla Skaglund led a discussion about working with an online store to sell Darrington Strong-related merchandise for fundraising and promotion.

VENTURES UNLIMITED: Martha Rasmussen informed us that she will represent Darrington Strong on forums for this east-coast organization that assists groups to seek funding for recreational purposes and may benefit raising money for local roads, with emphasis on the Mountain Loop Highway.

DARRINGTON STRONG EVENTS: JoAnn updated us on Halloween events and a potential Christmas parade.Board

Members Present:
Dave Bell
JoAnn Milton
Ken Milton
Marla Skaglund
Martha Rasmussen
Rick Knight
Rosalie Rasmussen
Steve Somsen