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Board Meeting, September 21, 2020

The meeting was held outdoors at Steve Somsens & president Martha Rasmussen opened the meeting.

Approval of Last Meeting’s Minutes:
Martha read the minutes from last month’s meeting. Roselie made a motion to approve the minutes, Ken Milton seconded and the motion carried.

Treasurer’s Report and Approval of the Financial Report:
Steve presented the Treasurer’s Report, Rick made a motion to approve, JoAnn seconded and the motion carried.

Unfinished Business:
WEBSITE: Martha informed us of updates recently made to the website, to include a gallery page for the North Mountain Lookout restoration.

ELECTIONS: Martha & Roselie discussed online voting for the upcoming board elections and mailing list.

CELL PHONE: Martha brought up the need for a Darrington Strong dedicated cell phone. After much discussion, JoAnn made a motion to aquire a prepaid “Tracfone”, Rick seconded and the motion carried.

New Business:

FRIENDS OF FORTSON: Martha reported that she reached out to parks & recreation after a year of no activity and they said they are moving forward & we can soon begin the process of trail building.

FFPU: Martha reported that FFPU is buying a dual axle, 6,000 GVW trailer that can be used to haul equipment up to roads in need. Cost is $800.00 ($2,800.00 value). Martha also stated that FFPU will be applying for a $50K RAC grant to help maintain the Darrington district USFS access roads. The trailer is being purchased from Mike & Laurie Beck.


FRIENDS OF NORTH MOUNTAIN: Rick reported on recent activity at the lookout to include the new hatch, door installation and the last painting work party with the Filson team.

VISUAL IMPACT: Martha led a discussion about distributing funds for various beautification projects.

DARRINGTON STREET ALLIANCE: JoAnn reported that they are looking into streetlights for Darrington Street, planning for cedar planters/benches on the sidewalk and a map to focus on Darrington Street businesses only. The “Trunk or Treat” event has been cancelled due to Covid restrictions so there was discussion about other options such as a pumpkin carving contest that could be addressed for celebrating the holiday safely.

Board Members Present:

Dave Bell
JoAnn Milton
Ken Milton
Marla Skaglund
Martha Rasmussen
Rick Knight
Roselie Rasmussen
Steve Somsen