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Board Meeting, July 20, 2020

The meeting was held at Steve Somsen’s home and president Martha Rasmussen opened the meeting.

Roselie made a motion to approve the treasurer’s report, Dave Bell seconded & the motion carried.

Unfinished Business

Website: Martha updated us on the status of the new website, which is up & running.

DS Event Sign: Roselie reported that JoAnn Milton has finished the sandwich board sign for Darrington Strong events.

New Business:

Friends of North Mountain: Martha led a discussion about the division agreement & it’s application to Filson & the National Forest Association.

FFPU: Martha announced that there will be no official work parties until Covid Phase 3 is announced, as requested by the USFS.


Events: JoAnn announced that since we have not entered into Covid-Phase 3, the street fair and all other events have been cancelled until further notice. Steve & JoAnn have worked out a program to refund the vendor’s entry fees.

Visual Impact: Martha reported that the Katsura in Dot park is dying due to lack of water after the town removed some pines in the area. There was discussion about engaging the Darrington St. Alliance to help with watering the planters on Darrington Street. Dave Bell suggested we identify a person responsible for watering & discussion ensued on how best to approach town hall for help.

Citizen Advisory Board: Discussion about forming a committee of Darrington Strong to act as a citizen advisory board. No motions were made.

Cellular Phone Acquisition: Martha hasn’t initiated the search for a cellular service for the group but will look into it.

Darrington Street Alliance: JoAnn announced that they have had one meeting so far & the next one is this Saturday. Topics that came up were street lighting, planters & how to make Darrington Street more inviting. Uptown Auto Repair is too busy to be involved in the organization but will contribute to the effort.

Board Members Present:

Dave Bell
JoAnn Milton
Martha Rasmussen
Rick Knight
Rosalie Rasmussen
Steve Somsen