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General Meeting March 21, 2018

Vice President Joanne Milton opened the meeting.

Treasurer Steve Somsen gave the treasurer’s report:

Grand total of three accounts at Coastal Community Bank: $19,768.47

Five sub-accounts within the Darrington Strong accounts: $ 7,032.04

Membership: 37 members with 18 due for renewal.

Division Reports:

DARA: Kevin Ashe updated us on the Mtn. Loop highway feasibility study currently underway, to be completed by February 2019. There are two committees (Oversight and Stakeholders) and there will be three public meetings throughout the year. The two committees meet three times each, for a total of six meetings.

Friends for Public Use: Martha is out of town so Joanne reminded us that the quilt raffle is still underway and the quilt can be viewed at the local CC bank. The first work party of the season for the Suiattle river road will be announced soon.

Committee Reports:

Darrington Events: Event coordinator Joanne Milton presented the event calendar/poster to be distributed around town. The car show will happen again this year and will be a bigger and better event. Street fair donations were discussed.

Visual Impact: The bulbs are blooming in front of Dot Park! Efforts are underway to organize the planting of the Old School Park planters and the planters along Darrington Street.

Darrington Collaborative: Paul Wagner gave an informative Powerpoint presentation, illustrating the plans for 2018, including Lidar maps and other drawings showing roads, streams and topographical information of the work areas included in the collaborative.

Other Reports:

Oso Women’s Auxiliary: Marla Skaglund discussed the 530 slide memorial occurring on March 22 at the slide area. The Oso garage sale date is May 5 and flyers will be distributed beforehand. DIUA will have a table there as well as Amy Lucas with information about the county’s proposed memorial at the slide area. The bookmobile will also make an appearance and there will be a story time for local youth.

Darrington Library: Asheley Bryson gave a detailed report on the upcoming events at the library. Details can be found at www.sno-isle.org.

Darrington Schools: Dr. Buck Marsh spoke about the upcoming school levy and distributed pertinent flyers. There will be a town hall forum at the elementary school library on Monday, March 27. There will also be a second meeting, to be announced. They will soon begin a “campaign” on social media and postcards will be mailed next week. Dr. Marsh emphasized that this is not a new tax but will replace the existing voter-approved levy that expires in 2018. As outlined in the flyer, the levy currently funds the following:

All school sports programs

Lease of the community center for PE and athletics

Educational programs including music, art, world languages and physical education

Training and professional development for teachers and staff

Day-to-day maintenance and operation costs

Field trips and travel outside the district

School supplies

Lower class-size efforts

Salaries for some district personnel

More information will be forthcoming in the “Log” school periodical. This is the last opportunity to pass this levy as it was previously voted down.

Guest Speakers:

Richard Harris and Ruth Milner of the Dept of Fish & Wildlife in Olympia gave a thorough Powerpoint presentation on the removal of mountain goats from the Olympic National Park and their subsequent introduction to the North Cascades. Email for more information: wildthing@dfw.wa.gov

In Attendance:

Asheley Bryson
Gordy Beil
JoAnn Milton
Ken Milton
Kevin Ashe
Linda Smith
Marla Skaglund
Paul Wagner
Rick Knight
Ron Wolff
Steve Somsen

Ben Joseph
Buck Marsh, Darrington School Superintendant
Mayor Dan Rankin
Kellie Smith
Kerry Frable
Matt Medina
Oak Rankin
Phil Vining
Phyllis Reed
Rich Harris
Ruth Milner

Our next meeting is Wednesday, April 18!