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General Meeting September 20, 2017

President Martha Rasmussen opened the meeting with introductions.

Steve gave the Treasures report of $17,698.09 inclusive of all divisions and committees.

Division Reports:

DARA, Darrington Area Resource Advocates – Kevin reported that a plan drawn up by a pro bono geo tech engineer to repair the Circle Creek Road has now been submitted to the Forest Service for approval.
FFPU, Friends For Public Use – Martha reported that volunteers are back on the White Chuck Ridge Road brushing and they had one group work party up there.
FNM, Friends of North Mountain – Rick reported getting some small work parties together painting and replacing the floor. They had some youth help with the Glacier Peak Institute which also came to enjoy star gazing and witness the solar eclipse.

Committee Reports:

Darrington Business Round Table – JoAnn is out of town, no report
Visual Impact, Dot Park – Martha reported that fall bulbs have been ordered. There is a sense of relief seeing rain this month and it has been a struggle keeping the new trees at the park healthy but we made it!
Whitehorse Park Collaborative – The Day of Caring Work Party got a lot done and the park looks so much better! Two riding lawn mowers going nonstop, lots of pruning and limbing up of trees, North County Family Services was a tremendous help and picked up the garbage for the whole park! Hoping to get more work done if we can get a break in the weather.

Other Reports:

Darrington Library – Ashley reported on the many activities the library will be having September through October.
Darrington Ranger District – no report

Next Meeting October 20, 2017

In Attendance:
Stephen Somsen
Martha Rasmussen
Paul Wagner
Marla Skaglund
Rick Knight
Roselie Rasmussen
Ashley Bryson
Nels Rasmussen

David Bell
LaNay Locher