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Board Meeting February 12, 2018

Old Business:

Town of Darrington submitted a 1099-Misc claiming they paid income to Darrington Strong instead of claiming reimbursement.  At this time they have not made an attempt to correct this.  Board suggested we make another request for them to remedy this problem.

New Business:

Board reviewed the new Town of Darrington volunteer form and policy.

Board reviewed the new drafted Darrington Strong Reimbursement Contract.  The decision to adopt this form was tabled.  Board suggested we give this form to a Town Council member for review and see if the Town would consider using this form in the future.

Update Darrington Strong bank account to remove past president and adding current president Martha Rasmussen to the account.

  • Tony moved to remove past president Nels Rasmussen from the bank account and adding current president Martha Rasmussen.  This was seconded by Steve.  Unanimous vote passed in favor.

JoAnn showed us her new event poster.  This is a large attractive glossy poster that will be in windows around town keeping our community up to date for local events.  The cost is about $3.00 per poster which funds will be needed for.

  • Tony moved that we designate $91.00 from the Events funds to cover the cost of the posters.  This was seconded by Steve.  All in favor were Tony, Rick, Roselie and Steve.

Having quarterly board meetings vs monthly meetings:

  • Roselie moved that we change to quarterly meetings and focus more on membership collaboration.  This was seconded by Steve.  Discussion followed including using our BaseCamp more effectively and notifying board members when special meeting will happen with committees and divisions.  Vote followed and was passed by unanimous vote.  Quarterly meetings will be held on February – May – August – November

Roselie and Rick volunteered to fill the Recording Secretary position. 

  • The Board appointed both to the Recording Secretary position.  Discussion and plan of action followed including Rick taking meeting notes, Roselie learning how to send out nice professional meeting minutes on mailchimp.  We will need to build an updated email list and prepare to accept upcoming membership dues.

Discover Darrington Website updates:

  • Analytics were reviewed
  • Moving our Discover Darrington website to SquareSpace is turning out to be more expensive than anticipated so will not be taking this action.  Maybe if we can generate more funds in the future something like this may be an option.  We have also been contacted by owner of the OsoDaily who might be able to help with website hosting but have not hears back from him.
  • We just completed our new webpage for Green Mountain Trail, helped by Scott Morris and Richard Morell
  • We are building a new webpage for the Pacific Crest Trail getting some help from Don and Micheal of the PCTA
  • We are building a new webpage for the Sloan Creek Trail getting some help from Gary Paull

In Attendance:

President, Martha Rasmussen

Vice President JoAnn Milton

Treasurer Steve Somsen

Recording Secretaries Rick Knight and Roselie Rasmussen

Tony Gobroski