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General Meeting May 18, 2016

Nels opened the meeting with introductions.

Steve gave a treasury report of $**,857.65 inclusive of all divisions.

Martha reported the Bedal Creek Rd. needs extensive repair and drainage. June 4 is National Trails Day for working on local trails. The North Mountain Bike Assoc. will also be working to improve the trails. Washington Climbers Coalition and Everett Mountaineers will be working with Friends for Public Use on the 8 mile trail. Dinner will be served to about 60 folks.

Kevin thanked DStrong for hosting the Grizzly Bear meeting which was an informational meeting about reintroducing Grizzly Bears to the area. DARA will network with other towns to learn how they feel about the reintroduction.

Ron shared the fact that Sylvia would like folks pulling weeds to remember to only pull weeds.

Martha reported Darrington Day is coming up. The fire department is picking the Hometown Hero award. T-shirts will be given to award recipients. Music is planned, bike raffle at the Pump Track, pulled pork, Upriver Art Show and Model A Strut among other events.

Steve reported on the discussion with Cabela’s on having a table on certain weekends to promote Darrington.

Martha reported the discoverdarrington.com web site is now online however there is still more work to do.

Danny spoke on the ABC project and the progress in town. Darrington is a finalist. There are 11 projects which will be completed at different times during the next year.

Peter gave a report the County has graded the 14 mile unpaved stretch of the Mountain Loop Highway. The Forest Service is working with the Collaborative on Segelson and a 70 acre commercial thinning project with the money staying in the area. The FS will give a special use permit to operate the North Mountain Lookout. Peter reported there will be another meeting about the Grizzlies in the Fall.

Sally gave a report on the Tourism meetings being held and how they have brought different communities together to work on activities that will bring the tourist dollar to the area. Paid for by the Hotel/Motel tax paid for by tourists. Darrington was well represented.

Martha is applying for a grant that will make wildlife viewing for wheelchair visitors accessible at Fortson. She is also working with the equine groups to expand trails for riders.

In Attendance:
Martha Rasmussen
Kevin Ashe
Paul Wagner
Linda Smith
Peter Forbes
Steve Somsen
Nels Rasmussen
Ron Wolff
Gordy Beil
Marla Skaglund

Tom Berry
Anne Berry
Judy Pendergrass
Sally Hintz
Mayor, Dan Rankin
Marla Skaglund