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General Meeting June 15, 2016

Nels opened the meeting with introductions.

Steve gave a treasury report of $**,***.86 inclusive of all divisions.

Rick announced that the North Mountain work party was rained out. Peter reported trees around the guy wires have been cut down. Cascade Lumber donated $800 in lumber for the project.

Martha reported that National Trail Days was a success and plenty of food was donated. Next year the Whitehorse Trail will be included.

Sylvia asked for volunteers to help her weed the flower beds in the areas she has been planting.
Martha has many annuals and perennials to plant around town and needs help. The city also has coupons for trees to replace those lost to construction.

Dianne gave a report on the dedication of Darrington St. on July 23, featuring many events, culminating with the Kingpin concert in Old School Park.

Martha discussed changing the date for Darrington Day to correspond with other events already established. Rick suggested scheduling the event with the concert in the park.

Nels reported a committee has been formed to set up displays at various weekends at Cabela’s to promote Darrington. Rick volunteered.

Martha reported the new website is up and running and is discoverdarrington.com.

Asheley reported on the activities at the library including summer reading programs and Lego building. Another program features “come up with a story using 6 words”.

Peter reported North Counties is moving to the trading post.

Peter reported several campsites have opened for business including Buck Creek and Sulfur Creek. Many roads and trails need repair and will take time.

Nels reported he will be featured on a National Geographic special.

Nels adjourned the meeting.

In attendance:
Rick Knight
Ashley Bryson
Gordy Beil
Ron Wolff
Sylvia Stauffer
Martha Rasmussen
Steve Somsen
Nels Rasmussen
JoAnn Milton
Ken Milton
Marla Skaglund
Peter Forbes

Dianne Allen
Charlie Duncan
Tommy Berry
Ann Berry