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General Meeting May 15, 2019

The meeting was held at the Darrington Library and president Martha Rasmussen opened with introductions.  Steve Somsen gave the treasurer’s report:

  • Grand total of three accounts at Coastal Community Bank:   $19,384.62 
  • Membership:  35 active members with 4 due for renewal.

Guest Speakers:  Ashley Ross & Adrienne Hall gave a slide presentation outlining plans to restore the USFS Suiattle Guard Station.

Division Reports:

  • Friends for Public Use (FFPU):  Martha discussed road adoptions & reported on “rescues” that can occur when one adopts a road and the value of volunteers and a team effort to keep the roads open for public use.  On National Trail Day they will be working again on the 8 mile trail.
  • Friends of North Mountain (FONM):  Steve Somsen updated us on the restoration efforts and a volunteer (Brian) who has agreed to maintain a presence at the lookout over the summer months.  Details of the concrete pier replacement and the engineering design (in process) were also discussed.

Committee Reports:

  • Websites:  Martha informed us of the upgrades to the websites darringtonstrong.com and discoverdarrington.com.
  • Friends of Fortson:  Martha met with Dawn & Gary earlier in the day and reported on current plans for the park and the map that was just submitted to the county.

Other Reports:

  • Darrington Collaborative:   Paul Wagner and Phyllis Reed gave a detailed description of what the Darrington Collaborative is and the status of current projects.
  • Darrington Library:  Asheley  Bryson and reported on upcoming library activities and events.
  • Oso Auxiliary:  Marla reported on the upcoming garage sale in Oso and the Oso Slide Memorial fund  soliciting local donations for the upcoming dinner and auction

Next Meeting June 19, 2019

In Attendance: Asheley Bryson, Marla Skaglund, Martha Rasmussen, Nels Rasmussen, Paul Wagner, Phyllis Reed, Rick Knight, Steve Somsen, David Bell