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Board Meeting May 20, 2019

The meeting was held at the Darrington fire station and president Martha Rasmussen opened the meeting.  Steve Somsen motioned “to approve the minutes of the Darrington Strong Board meeting on April 15, 2019”.   Rick Knight seconded and the motion carried. 

Unfinished Business

     1)  Carsen Tavener  was introduced as the new coordinator for Friends of North Mountain.  No motions were made.

     2)  Darrington Strong Committee Contract:  Martha and Steve led a discussion about the proper accounting of committee funds.  No motions were made.

     3)  Square Device Usage:  Ken & JoAnn Milton led a discussion on using the “Square” device to swipe credit & debit cards for financial transactions.  A motion was made by Drew Bono to “authorize the use of the Square device for our credit card transactions”, Steve Somsen seconded and the motion carried.

New Business

  1. Cascade Home Business Alliance:  Martha updated us on the recent donation to Darrington Strong/Visual Impact/Pioneer Park fund.  No motions were made.
  1. Martha wants to transfer $500.00 from Visual Impact to Friends of Fortson as seed money to begin work on the park.  A motion was made by Steve Somsen to “transfer 500.00 from Visual Impact to Friends of Fortson”.  JoAnn Milton seconded and the motion carried.


  1. Websites:  Martha and updated us on the new website progress.  No motions were made.
  2. Street Fair:  JoAnn updated us on plans for the street fair, motorcycle poker run, car show, donated quilts, raffles, art show and also presented the new T-shirts for the street fair.  No motions were made.