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General Meeting January 20, 2016

Nels opened the meeting with introductions.
Steve reported he has filed the government required business report for D-Strong. There is a treasury balance of all accounts of $**,***.43.

Roselie spoke on the importance of the D-Strong marketing/branding meetings and how to get other folks involved in D-Strong. A set of core values has been established:

Demonstrate Leadership
Inspire Optimism
Foster Collaboration
Promote Well-Being

She welcomed ideas from members at the meeting. Next meeting will be held Feb. 28, at Roselies’ house.

FNM: Roselie reported on the work that continues on the North Mountain Lookout project. Construction will continue on the rebuild beginning in April. FNM will be presenting Eyes of the Forest at the Darrington Library, February 10th, at 5 pm.

FFPU: Martha reported on the work continuing for Friends for Public Use. Last season they repaired the Clear Creek Road ford using a special surfacing material. They will continue work on this project to resurface the whole ford. Funds of $1,900 have been raised for this project.

DARA: Kevin spoke about the work continuing to get a section of the Mountain Loop Highway paved and involvement in the Collaborative group. They are working on Stewardship projects on different areas around Darrington. They are working with Fish and Wildlife on a fishing issue and Conservation Northwest to discuss the grizzly bear project. DARA is working to bring economic projects to town. A meeting was had with Conservation Northwest to discuss the grizzly bear project and a community input meeting is being arranged.

Marketing: Martha has been working on rebuilding websites. The new name will be Discover Darrington and will consist of a couple of websites that tie in with each other.

Events: The Darrington Day Celebration will continue and be on the last Sat. in May. Scheduled so far is antique cars and music in the park.
Rick reported on the progression of the Marathon Event. He will be working with an organization currently involved with other marathons.
Martha reported Darrington Performing and Visual Arts will present a Ghost Walk in October.

Martha reported 3,000 bulbs have been planted at Dot Park. Trees will be planted and pruning will be done on trees around town.

Ashley reported another TEDx event will be held at the library, Feb. 16, 10am – 2pm, and will be streaming. A writers group has been started that meets at the library every third Friday at 3pm.

The group discussed planning 2016 service projects around Darrington. Roselie wrote several suggested projects on a white board including painting the town, plant flowers, prune trees and many others.

Sally Hintz reported Darrington and Arlington have advanced to the top 15 in the Americas’ Best Community contest and will give a presentation in Durham, North Carolina on April 26 – 27. She has a contract with the town to enrich and facilitate the ideas to make an economic and cultural improvement for everyone in the area. Public meetings will be held Feb. 1, 8, 22 and March 7 at 6:30pm. Announcements will be posted around town.

Martha will be meeting with several equine groups to map out usable trails.

Nels adjourned the meeting.

In Attendance:
Nels Rasmussen
Rick Knight
Sylvia Stauffer
Ron Wolff
Gordy Beil
Kevin Ashe
Justin Sesney
Ashley Bryson
Linda Smith
Tony Gobroski
Roselie Rasmussen
JoAnn Milton
Steve Somsen
Martha Rasmussen
Marla Skaglund

Michele Seffern
Sally Hintz