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Board Meeting February 4, 2016

Nels opened the meeting.

Martha has shown the website to the Council and was well received. She gave the Council the name of a website development company who specialize in small town websites. A letter will be drafted outlining the options the city has.

Martha reported the Darrington Day Celebration is moving forward with several attractions and events.

A letter is being finalized for inviting Cabelas to the town.

The motion to allow Friends of North Mountain to pursue tax deductible donations and grants passed.
Walt recommended a letter from Darrington Strong be sent to the Forest Service endorsing the cooperation between the FS and FNM.

April 30 is the work party for the Whitehorse Trail. Arrangements are being made to feed everyone. Darrington Strong will partner with Snohomish County to coordinate volunteers.

Nels adjourned the meeting

In Attendance:
Nels Rasmussen
Walt Dortch
Roselie Rasmussen
Martha Rasmussen
Marla Skaglund.