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Board Meeting, January 17, 2022

The meeting was held at Moe’s Coffee and Martha Rasmussen opened the meeting.

Treasurer’s Report and Approval of Budget:
Steve Somsen read the treasurer’s year-end report, with a grand total of $24,497.59 in all accounts. Ken moved to “approve the current treasurer’s report”, JoAnn seconded and the motion carried.

Approval of Last Meeting’s Minutes: Steve moved to “approve the minutes of the November 22, 2021 Darrington Strong Board meeting”, Marla seconded and the motion carried.

Website Updates:
Martha reported on the status of the Discover Darrington website and announced that the top hits were on winter recreation, events and Fortson Mill, with 1,235 total page views and 995 sessions in the last 30 days.

Unfinished Business:
Website IT Help: Roselie reported that there was still no return call from Kaleb Wyatt & other options for help were discussed.

Committee & Division Dissolution Clause: After some discussion, Dave moved to “approve the revised Committee & Division Dissolution Clause, as written”, Steve seconded and the motion carried.

WCA Agreement: Martha introduced Savannah Wakeland & Yvette Vanderstelt, heads of the new Darrington Strong division: “Whitehorse Community Artisans”.

Suiattle Guard Station: Martha reported that there has been no word or update from Scott & Erika.

Earth Day Highway Cleanup: Martha informed us of plans to pick up trash on SR 530, the Mountain Loop, Darrington streets and perhaps some county roads on “Earth Day” April 22-23. “Hope Works” (part of the Vista group) is working on plans with Glacier Peak Institute to participate in the event.

Darrington Strong Updates:
North Mountain Lookout: Carson updated us on the “Lookout Awards” program, the rental pricing strategy and the scale model to be built & placed in the back yard of Moe’s coffee.

Christmas Giving Tree: JoAnn reported that over $4,500.00 in cash & merchandise were raised for the event, with one generous (and anonymous) donor who bought a toy for every child.

Friends of Fortson: Dawn reported that the Sauk-Suiattle Tribe bought a portion of the Fortson area. After two years of working on trail plans totaling three miles of trails, the project has been abandoned for the time being.

Friends for Public Use: Martha reported that they are purchasing a good quantity of certified weed-free gravel this year for distribution where needed.

Board Members & Guests Present:

Carson Tavenner
Dave Bell
Dawn Erickson
JoAnn Milton
Ken Milton
Marla Skaglund
Martha Rasmussen
Rick Knight
Roselie Rasmussen (via teleconference)
Savannah Wakeland
Steve Somsen
Yvette Vanderstelt