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General Meeting August 16, 2017

President Martha Rasmussen opened the meeting with introductions

Steve gave the Treasures report of $ 17,816.28 inclusive of all divisions and committees. We have now grown to 32 memberships!

Division Reports:

DARA, Darrington Area Resource Advocates – no report
FFPU, Friends For Public Use – Martha reported it has been a slow summer for road volunteers due to the thick smoke, high heat and dry conditions not allowing use of power tools in the forest. We hope to return to the White Chuck Ridge Road soon to continue brushing the road.
FNM, Friends of North Mountain – Rick reported that some small work parties went on for the lookout. One work party had to be cancelled due to the poor air quality with thick smoke from the Suiattle and BC fires.

Committee Reports:

Darrington Business Round Table – JoAnn reported that most people felt the first annual Darrington Street Fair was a success. She sent out a questionnaire to vendors to help her evaluate feedback and recommendations. There will be plans for a second annual Darrington Street Fair!
Visual Impact, Dot Park – Martha reported right now it is a struggle just keeping things watered during this extreme heat. The Darrington Girl Scouts are scheduled to come and help out at the park next week.
Whitehorse Park Collaborative – has signed up for the United Way Day of Caring for Whitehorse Park to have a work party

Other Reports:

Darrington Library – Ashley reported on the many fun activities coming up at the library. Don’t tell us there is nothing to do in Darrington! Discover your Darrington Library!
Darrington Ranger District – no report

Speaker: Jacob Kukuk of the newly forming Darrington Internet Users Association, a project to establish local not for profit internet service around Darrington, WA. They will be developing a system to run a Internet Service Provider (ISP) locally with volunteers as the backbone of the project. DIUA will Improve Access, Enhance Public Safety and Enable Commerce.

Next Meeting September 20, 2017

In Attendance:
Martha Rasmussen
Ashley Bryson
Stephen Somsen
Nels Rasmussen
Rick Knight
Marla Skaglund
Linda Smith

Jacob Kukun
Mickey Coleman
Robert Davis