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Board Meeting March 2017

Minutes April 10, 2017

President Martha called the meeting to order 5:30 pm

Discussion:  What is the best way to keep records when ASAP decisions need to be voted on via email.  Sometimes board approval needs to be handled before our next meeting.  The board decided to add these as an addendum to the monthly board meeting minutes.  This can easily be handled on the website so the secretary needn’t keep updating meeting minutes.

JoAnn Milton made a motion to form a new committee under Darrington Strong to meet the needs of the local business community, the Darrington Business Round Table, also two subcommittees, the Darrington Street Fair & Welcome to Darrington Sign.  This was seconded by Walt Dortch and the motion passed by unanimous vote.

Discussion was brought up by Martha Rasmussen that the $81.00 sitting in the old Event Sign project has sat idle for a long time and is not tagged for any future projects.

Roselie Rasmussen made a motion to transfer the $81.00 to the new Darrington Business Roundtable’s subcommittee, the new Welcome to Darrington Sign.  This was seconded by PJ Wieferich and  the motion passed by unanimous vote.

In addendum:
April 19, 2017
A motion was made by Rick Knight – To cover the cost of $500.00 for 1-1/2 days rental for an excavator for the future pocket park and to have it billed to Darrington Strong’s Visual Impact account at Darrington Hardware and we will submit the balance to the Darrington town council for reimbursement at their April 26 meeting.  Seconded by Walt Dortch and motion passed by a majority of 6 votes.


President Martha Rasmussen

Vice President JoAnn Milton

Secretary PJ Wieferich

Walt Dortch

Tony Gobroski

Rick Knight

Roselie Rasmussen